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Account Information

  • FAS user name: FQ224
  • Name: Qi Fan
  • Short(Nick) Name: FQ
  • Native Language:Chinese(Simplify)


  • Lenovo(Former) IT arch(2Y+)
  • IBM(Former)IT Spec(12Y+)
  • Career Key info:
    • Expertise in x86 hardware and OS(Linux)
    • NOT a developer, but a fans
    • Most career time as people manager and Team lead

How to reach me

  • (prefer)
  • (Not sure whether activated)
  • Social:via Twitter (prefer)
  • Social:via Linkedin

Miscellaneous & Hobbies

  • First of all, Open source advocate, fans and want in some way to be part of it
  • Art and design fans, I can not do that by myself but can get this kind of request done by connecting some my former crew (free).
  • Automobile industry fans,keep on track for the brand news of Scoda,VW and BMW in east Europe,north Africa and China
  • Keep an eye on Toastmaster activity on local but never be part of it. like it but not a party fans.