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Francesco Frassinelli
Francesco Frassinelli
Personal Information
Birthday: Sept 12th 1990
Home: Vignate (Italy)
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: frafra
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail:
GPG-Key: E8E99934
IRC: frafra on in
#fedora #fedora-it #viglug #slimp
Badges (64)
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Francesco Frassinelli

Hi, my name is Francesco Frassinelli. I met GNU/Linux when I was 12 years old, in Vallecrosia (Liguria, Italy) and few years later I joined into GUGLI (GUGLI - now named SLIMP) and we made many activities with the near GLUG called GOVONIS. Then, I moved near Milan, where I study information technology engineering (Politecnico di Milano where we have laboratories with Fedora!) and I founded ViGLug (Vignate GNU/Linux user group) with Fabio.

Some information

IRC and Instant Messaging

  • Freenode: #viglug, #slimp, #fedora, #fedora-it, #fedora-* channels with nickname frafra

Area of Interest

I like Free Software, Fedora, Python and Qt. I played keyboard for ten years and electric bass for three years; I like to dance during folk festivals (I don't like disco music).

Activities within Fedora


...and many others little events I don't remember well :)