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Paul ‘Flo’ Williams

Taking tentative first steps at getting involved in fonts on Fedora. At the moment, that means resurrecting some of my old ones and learning the new tools.

Status of fonts that are supposedly in progress

Status of fonts in category In-progress fonts, in order of age

Page Review request Requested Last activity Should do
Perizia fonts 457709 2008-08-04 2010-01-11 still waiting new upstream website
Rufscript fonts 467507 2008-10-17 as above, still waiting upstream
Epigrafica fonts 484057 2009-02-04 2009-02-04 reviewed, needinfo. Second review started as 492900 on 2009-03-30 but closed dup, 2009-03-31 Grab spec from 492900 if original packager has disappeared.
Breip fonts 485542 2009-02-13 2009-02-14 reviewed, needinfo stalled (disappeared new packager?) Epigrafica taken by same person
Chisholm Banana Peels fonts 486680 2009-02-20 2009-07-15 CLOSED WONTFIX Should be moved back to wishlist
M+ fonts 2009-10-14 categorised as in-progress, but no review request in wiki
Gdouros Akkadian fonts 532231 2009-10-31 all complete update wiki (done), close review bug
Gdouros Symbola 532819 2009-11-03 cvs done, but no builds update wiki (done), close review bug when built
TLOMT Sniglet fonts 536718 2009-11-10 2009-11-13 reviewed. nothing since packager should be pinged
Paratype PT Sans fonts 556308 2010-01-17 2010-02-15 cvs done in progress
Ubuntu title fonts 564466 2010-02-12 awaiting review
GFS Göschen fonts 564557 2010-02-13 reviewed, in progress

[2010-02-17] I'm going to email the packager of Epigrafica and Breip to see if he is still interested in continuing these.