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Francois X. Leytens

I am an engineer that has a long history in IT and especially in Linux and OpenSource solutions. I started using Linux in 1993 with SLackware moving quickly to Red Hat and then to Fedora.

I use either Fedora or Ubuntu on my laptop or desktop but only Fedrora on my servers for LDAP, File, Print, Mail, Web, Web application and Java.

Over the last several years, my role role has evolved and developed beyond eliciting, analyzing and documenting solutions requirements. Now, I am taking prominent roles across the enterprise, to perform strategic problem and opportunity identification, conduct gap analysis and feasibility studies, and drive business solutions within their organizations.

By expanding the scope of what I could provide, I became an organizational consultant. My tools, techniques and processes are tailored to specific opportunities, challenges, and drivers. I am uniquely positioned to do this type of work, because I can repurpose common project business analysis techniques, I am also able to collaborate across departments and functions, and can built extensive internal networks within the organizations.


  • Email:
  • AIM/Skype: fxleytens
  • Fedora Account: fxleytens
  • Location:
    • Chante Brise
    • 1913 Saillon (in french)
  • Languages: French, English, some German and Dutch
  • Birth Date: May 29, 1965
  • Web