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hi to all who are passionate about open source n Fedora specially.

Here is a second year student of electronics and communication engineering at University College of engineering,A constituent college of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, Rajasthan, India.

I started working Fedora few dayz back and found it really interesting...n njoyed working on it. Besides computers , i maintain very gud acedmic records too....

besides that i am active in telling my peers , juniors and seniors about fedora , making them available copy of fedora 9 that i have and helping them in installing it and working on it. My main theme of working would be "WINDOWS ARE REPLACABLE WITH BETTER AND ABSOLUTELY FREE PRODUCT ",Which also gives you liberty to make amedements thereby giving your creativity a strong platform. As a representative of fedora i will , first of all i will spread knowlede abt open source , fedora etc. at my place. The place where i live in is not a very big in sense of knowledge abt concept of open source or it is the primary thng to start wth...

secondly i will try to make fedora one of the operating sysytems that we use in our compter service centers. Thirdly i will try to organize events....But the exact thing i want to have is resources and help which i think fedora will definately provide me.