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* '''GPG key''': [ 0x592CFE75] [ GPG Public key]
* '''GPG key''':
::304D A767 44F8 FD1C ECC9  A06A 4CE3 0A2B [ 592C FE75]
::or download the [ GPG Public key] from my website
* '''Website''':
* '''Website''':
::[ Fedora People]
::[ Fedora People]

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Gerard Braad

Gerard Braad

Software engineer for both Unix/Linux as Windows based software in different programming and scripting languages; Java Certified Programmer, Microsoft Certified Programmer. Has broad knowledge about maintenance of a mixed OS and virtualization environment. Active user of Red Hat Linux since the Vanderbilt release (RHL 4.1).

Currently works for a software development company as a fulltime .NET (and Mono) developer. My current assignment deals with interoperability and cross platform support (x86/Windows, Linux and ARM/Linux) of a large .NET codebase. As part of my job I give lectures on software development (and Open Source) in the Netherlands and Beijing, China.

Associate member of FSF, FSFe, ACM


  • Postal address:
Rustenburgstraat 224
7311JC Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
  • Email:
  • GPG key:
304D A767 44F8 FD1C ECC9 A06A 4CE3 0A2B 592C FE75
or download the GPG Public key from my website
  • Website:
Fedora People
Personal homepage
Personal blog
  • Languages: English, Dutch, Chinese
  • Fedora Account: gbraad

Activities within Fedora

  • Compatibility testing
  • Promotion and marketing of the Fedora brand