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Greg DeKoenigsberg

Hi. I'm GregDeKoenigsberg. I do open source community work for Red Hat.

You can reach me at gdk at redhat dot com.

FY09 Goals

Here are my FY09 goals. They roll up into the goals of the community architecture team. Completed goals are in strikethrough.

Open Source in Education

  • Create a model program with Seneca College to teach open source development using the Fedora project.
  • Create a strong multi-university consortium for the promotion of open source in computer science curriculum.

Strengthening Global Community: North America and South America

  • Fedora @ FISL in Brazil Q1
  • Provide logistical support to ambassadors in North America
  • Provide logistical support to ambassadors in South America

Community Consulting: Building Red Hat Business Value Through Community

  • Assist in the creation of the Spacewalk project
  • Bring high-visibility customers into key Red Hat community projects
  • Bring open source ISVs into Fedora/EPEL

Fedora Marketing

  • Manage weekly meetings of the Fedora marketing project, and to produce a long list of community marketing accomplishments (see our task list for progress)
  • Build and maintain a master marketing plan, where we define our long-term strategic messaging plan for Fedora

One Laptop Per Child

  • Serve as primary liaison between Red Hat, Fedora community, and OLPC project

Red Hat Community Architecture Team

Our team serves as Red Hat's consultants for building strong communities. I'm responsible for particular pieces of this effort:

Interesting Reading

If you really want to understand the value of open source in the business world, I recommend the following reading materials: