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My name is Geraldo Barros, I'm computer instructor. My contribution is to distribute and promote products to Fedora, as well as providing tools and support to users in Brazil. For over 3 years I work with distributions, Fedora being one of the best!


Events of Free Software; Lectures in nonprofit organizations; Generations Foundation [1] Blog


During the talks the participants took their questions and often the difficulty of learning was visible and to maintain the good progress of the talks and that the instructor's goal was achieved it was necessary that the students had confidence in the teacher to productive classes follow.

Whenever questions arise for the students' instructor, and this should consider and not answer at the next meeting should bring the answer to which the participant is obliged to understand the question.

The classes were always revised from earlier so that students could better understand the content given.

There are reports and studies concerning the methods, techniques and methods of teaching, but this final step is that the practice actually shows us what it is for what we have learned the importance of our long years of study, as cited in Ruben Alves, "Skills are extensions of the body to carry out the desires" (Rubens Alves). "We acquire and build concepts and thoughts, we become more critical, reflexive and so politicized that we become responsible citizens with political and social education. Thus we have the capacity and awareness of these provision go over to our students throughout our careers. " "With the experience of teaching learned a lot, been in contact with different realities, but they lived very well."

With all my efforts, many participants could see and use to date Fedora.


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