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Geraldo Barros

Geraldo Barros


My name is Geraldo Barros, I'm computer instructor. My contribution is to distribute and promote products to Fedora, as well as providing tools and support to users in Brazil. For over 3 years I work with distributions, Fedora being one of the best!


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IT (Information Technology) in Education

Fundamentals of IT Management

Information Security

Student Monitor Computing Project course and integrated Linux

Fedora Ambassador

My goals with Fedora Ambassadors group is to have contact with other ambassadors, live, learn and teach, and create local groups to promote Fedora on all sides!

Fedora is an operating system that should be working in schools, businesses and at home, so I work with Fedora distribution and promotion, as well as providing tools and support to users in Brazil. I have a group of students that I graduated and are now promoting and using Fedora, that looks amazing! My work computer instructor helps to promote Fedora on nonprofit organizations.   Over the next six months, I want to train, deploy and promote Fedora on nonprofit organizations.   I like to promote, educate, answer questions from users is a great pleasure!

To promote Fedora I organize conferences, lectures, and to maintain user satisfaction I offer support at any moment.

Wiki page at: Name: Geraldo Barros Country: Brazil Location: Campinas / Sao Paulo

If you have questions regarding the project please contact us and will help in the form as possible.



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