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* '''Name''': German Ruíz S
* '''Name''': German Ruíz S
* '''Email''': germanrs[at]
* '''Email''': germanrs[at]
* '''IRC''': german_ at #fedora-latam
* '''IRC''': germanrs at #fedora-latam
* '''Fedora Account''':germanrs
* '''Fedora Account''':germanrs

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I Work as Technical Support at Fundación Zamora Terán NGO that implements the OLPC project in Nicaragua since 2009, configuring School Servers(XS), fixing brokens XO's and supporting all schools with the project in Nicaragua...

I also study Computational Engineering at Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería.

Fedora User since Fedora Leonidas.

As my work is so related with fedora, we contact to the fedora local community in Nicaragua, and decide to work togheter. Fedora 14 Launch Party, Pizza Bash EXPO XO 2011 and soon as member of free media team giving Fedora CD and DVD to people who works as volunter at Fundacion Zamora Teran, mostly university students who wants to install fedora on theirs computers...

Personal information

  • Location Managua, Nicaragua.
  • Languages Spanish, English.


  • Name: German Ruíz S
  • Email: germanrs[at]
  • IRC: germanrs at #fedora-latam
  • Fedora Account:germanrs