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hi there,

I am Giulio (aka giulivo) a long standing GNU advocate, who strongly believes in the freedom cause. And you won't find much more about me on the internet because I don't spend so much time posting around; I enjoy lurking a lot more.

I work for Red Hat and I'm RHCA certified. In 2003 I started a port of the distro called crux to the power architecture platform, the project was called cruxppc; a couple of years later I left the team mostly because Apple started selling x86 hardware. I wrote mlapd, an access policy delegation daemon for postfix, which at the time looked to me a very interesting challenge and it was a good excuse to start learning python.

Yes I do python now and currently I'm mostly playing with it enjoying the fun of using the Websockets introduced by HTML5.

I'm not the kind of guy who engages in distrowars, but I really found Fedora and Archlinux to be some of the best, for my needs. What I like more of Fedora is its big community and the fact that it's very easy to install and use while still very powerful, comfortable and reliable for the power users requirements. This is mostly the reason why I joined.

  • email
  • gpg 08D733BA
  • irc giulivo

Huh, yes I do have other interests.

See you on IRC!