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hi there,

I am Giulio, a long standing GNU advocate, who strongly believes in the freedom cause.

I've learned about GNU/Linux many years ago using Red Hat 6 and Slackware 7. My first FOSS contribution was cruxppc, a port of the crux distro to the power architecture platform; a couple of years later after starting the project though I left the team because Apple started selling x86 hardware. From that point on I did all sorts of sysadmin, qa and programming stuff. OpenStack is what interests me more recently and I do some programming in Tempest and TripleO.

I found Fedora and Archlinux to best suit my needs. Fedora in particular is very easy to maintain yet flexible enough to be used with success in many purposes. This is really a big achievement IMHO and Archlinux is indeed one of the few others that can match that.

  • email
  • gpg 08D733BA

Currently work for Red Hat, see you on IRC!