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Hello! My name is Greg Krpan, and I have been a RedHat/Fedora user since 1995.

Currently, I am a stay-at-home dad, and (recovering) UNIX/Linux SysAdmin. My family and I recently relocated to New Mexico from South Dakota, where I provided computer consulting services to the local area. Prior to that, I worked at Sun Microsystems and IBM Global Services in Colorado, providing UNIX and Linux Support on Solaris, AIX, and RedHat Enterprise Linux. Earlier than that I worked for the USGS, providing UNIX and Linux support, including development of the initial Linux infrastructure for the USGS/EROS Data Center in South Dakota.

I am looking to get involved as a Fedora Ambassador in order to promote the use of Fedora and F/LOSS in the New Mexico area. I am also looking to become involved with the Documentation project in order to assist in making the online documentation more complete. As a long-time SysAdmin, I am looking to get involved in the SysAdmin side of the project in the future as well.

Contact Information:

Name: Greg Krpan



IRC: #fedora , #fedora-ambassadors

GPG KeyID / Fingerprint:

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