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Gregory M. Zysk
[[Image:{{{image}}}|center|250px|Gregory M. Zysk]]
Fedora Information
FAS name: gmzysk
Fedora email:
IRC nick: gmzysk@fedora/gmzysk
IRC channels: #fedora-ambassadors
Fedorapeople page:
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I consider myself a seasoned international since I have lived and worked in various countries around the world throughout the course of my life. I enjoy working with different people and on different projects within different industries (Variety is the spice of life!) I am currently in the process of developing my own company and work as a management consultant within the area of cross-cultural management and organizational development. I also assist internationally oriented entrepreneurs in starting, managing and developing For/Non profit organizations.


Entrepreneurship , Management , Conflict Management/Negotiation, Project Management, Business Development, Organizational Development , and Research.

Activities & Projects

I am currently involved with the Fedora Project as an Ambassador in the Netherlands/EMEA. I am interested in promoting Open Management/Leadership, Event planning/Management, Marketing, and Open Business/Project development especially within our community, but also outside of it.

Furthermore, I would like to help promote all things Open and become more involved in the policy-making and development of Open Standards, Open Culture, Open Innovation, Open Business and Open Government.

One of my passions would be to help local and global entrepreneurs use Fedora as a tool to build low cost sustainable businesses, promote open society and contribute to innovation and diversity. Furthermore, these sustainable businesses shall encompass all things open and shall contribute to the upstream of their respective classifications.

My mentor was Yaakov Nemoy

Fedora Projects

Fedora Events

  1. T-Dose |, October 3 + 4, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  2. OpenRheinRuhr 2009, November 7 + 8, Bottrop, Germany
  3. Fedora 12 Release party NL, November 28, Utrecht, Netherlands
  4. FAD FOSDEM 2010, February 5, Brussels, Belgium
  5. FOSDEM 2010, February 6 + 7, Brussels, Belgium
  6. Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2010, March 13 + 14, 2010 Chemnitzer, Germany

Open Related Projects

Open Source Events

  1. LinuxWorld 2009 |, November 4+5: Utrecht, Netherlands
  2. Open Source in Biology Symposium | November 20th. 2009, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. The European OpenSource & Free Software Law Event (EOLE) |, December 9th. 2009: Brussels, Belgium
  4. Med-e-Tel | April 14-16, 2010 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Open Society/Culture Events

Open Government Events

Open Education Events

Open Standards Events

Open Science Events

  1. Med-e-Tel | April 14-16, 2010 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Open Business Events

Open Innovation Events