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Luiz Alberto


I got My Bachelor degree on Computer Science by Federal University of Ouro Preto(UFOP) in 1999 and My Master degree on Computer Science by State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in 2003. During My career, I have had great opportunities of working with competent teams in several exciting projects developing commercial software for many Brazilian companies, including Bank of Amazon S.A, State Minas Gerais Bank (actually Itaú), Vivo (formerly known as Telemig Celular), and Social Assistance Department of Poços de Caldas City. Since 2002, I have learnt and taught as assistant professor at PUC Minas. I enjoy a lot all phases of the software development life cycle but I have especial interesting on software quality, database administration and open source issues.


  • Email: gomes DOT luiz AT gmail DOT com
  • From: Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • GPG key: B0A6C067
  • Fedora Account: Gomesluiz

Activities within Fedora

  • I plan to promote Fedora Linux by evangelizing My students at PUC Minas about it;
  • I would like becoming the use of Fedora more popular in My region;
  • I intend to develop research projects using Fedora Linux.

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