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* [[Openfest_2011|OpenFest 2011]]
* [[Openfest_2011|OpenFest 2011]]
* [[Fosscomm_2011|FossComm 2011]]
* [[Fosscomm_2011|FossComm 2011]]
* [[GFOSS_Conference_2011|Greek FOSS Conference 2011]]
== Future Events ==
== Future Events ==
* [[GFOSS_Conference_2011|Greek FOSS Conference 2011]]

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Georgios Chatzipapas
Georgios Chatzipapas
Personal Information
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Home: Athens, Greece
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: gorginos
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail: gchatzipapas @ yahoo dot com
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Jabber: {{{jabber}}}
IRC: {{{irc-nick}}} on Freenode in

About myself

Hello my name is Georgios Chatzipapas I'm currently studying Computer Science at Technical Educational Instrument (TEI) of Athens.I'm computer-security enthusiast I'm currently living in Greece ([1] , UTC+2/3 ). I am an active Linux user since 2007

Activities with Fedora

I use Fedora daily as my primary OS. Trying to make a multiboot usb with the basic-gnome edition and many spins such as security,FEL etc. Promoting Fedora in my College-mates and many of them are currently move in fedora from many other OS they used to use. I am currently working on extending the use of Fedora Fedora to my college (LinuxTeam TEI-Ath) by organizing presentations and installfests or workshops

  • Ambassadors: Fedora Greek Ambassador


  • Networking & Data Communications
  • Security
  • Coding(C,bash)
  • Operating Systems

Events Attended

Future Events