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= Grady Laksmono =
= Grady Laksmono =

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* [ Los Angeles Fedora 9 Release Party]  [ [ Report]   
* [ Los Angeles Fedora 9 Release Party]  [ [ Report]   

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[[Category:Homepage]] [[Category:AmbassadorsUSA]]

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Grady Laksmono

Important.png Fedora Ambassador for Los Angeles , California , USA

Email: [[MailTo(]

IRC: glaksmono on #fedora-websites and #fedora-mktg channels at freenode

GPG key:


Finger Print:

76DE 5EFE EC8E B99F 64B0  EAC9 231E 9A37 56A2 1DAE

Fedora Account: glaksmono

Location: Los Angeles , California , USA



Hello, my name is Grady Laksmono. I'm an undergraduate student in Computer Science at California State University, Los Angeles . Aside of my education, I'm a Web Programmer for College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology. I'm also a personal web consultant, and developer.

Activities within Fedora