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Ayush Maheshwari

(Hello) This is Ayush Maheshwari pursuing B.Tech (IV year) from Univ. College of Engineering,RTU, kota(Rajasthan-->India).

2 year back I installed it on my PC & was in love since I saw its installation procedure.I can't resist the temptation of working on Fedora than Windows. I've been working since then to get as much knowledge & had bought Bible for Fedora 7(by Christopher Negus').I ,uptill date, had successfully installed it on many of my friends PCs & Laptops & coaxing them to use than Windows .I'm also working on to make it popular among my peers & juniors and making it popular through social networking & college groups and of course, words of mouth'.

I would like to contribute to Fedora & had been constantly learning the source coding of packages,shell scripting,kernel modules. I believe in Fedora policy of freedom . I plan to engage in some serious business of making it publicized by conducting seminars & various other activities. I'd be elated if you consider me as an applicant for Fedora Campus Ambassador program.

Ayush Maheshwari