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== Programming Skills ==
== Programming Skills ==
I'm geeky of Open Source Projects , so I would like to contribute in Fedora Projects as an Ambassadors to spread it around the world , I think I could do this that's because I'm a Speaker -demonstrator- and we could organize Fedora Events
== Contacts ==
== Contacts ==

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I'm Hamada Zahera ,demostrator at Faculty of Computers and Information , 22 years old

That's my brief CV


Work Experience

2007-Present Demonstrator at faculty of Computers and Information, Computer Science Department


2003-2007 Faculty of Computers and Information,Computer Science Department. Activities: MUFIX Community a community that aims to help student to strengthen their knowledge background about new technologies and organize many sessions and Conferences for students to keep them up to date with the new in Computer Science Field

IEEE GOLD-EED7:I participated with the project entitled IDrisian Navigation System

Programming Skills