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Brief bio: Has been with Red Hat Asia Pacific in 2003 and is currently part of the Community Architecture Group. Has held many positions within RH - Chief Technology Architect, ISV Management, Red Hat University and now in CA.

As a member of the CA team - Global Community and Technology Architect - I will be focusing on getting increased focus in APAC community from the Red Hat corporate. Events like POSSE, promotion of "The Open Source Way" to encourage businesses in APAC to adopt open source principles in building their products as well as engagement at government levels to adopt both open source and open standards as part of their technology framework.

FY12 (March 2011 to Feb 2012) plans:

a) To meet with Fedora Ambassadors in APAC at least once a month (online and in meat space); and FAmSCO.

b) To help set up and run POSSEs in APAC - also find ways to scale POSSE

c) To see adoption of TOSW in SMEs

d) To grow JBoss and DeltaCloud communities in APAC