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= Activities within the Fedora Project =
= Activities within the Fedora Project =
== Ambassador ==
== Ambassador ==
I'm a [[Ambassadors|Fedora Ambassador]] sponsored by [[JoergSimon|Jörg Simon]]<br>
I'm a [[Ambassadors|Fedora Ambassador]] sponsored by [[JoergSimon|Jörg Simon]]
My main goals in my work as an Ambassador is taking Fedora to schools and other educational institutes and talk about the advantages of open source software in educational environments.
I also want to show schools how to get their students started for contributing in open source projects and help them convey the spirit that fuels the open source community.
* Events I attend(ed)
* Events I attend(ed)

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Felix Kaechele
Felix Kaechele
Personal Information
Birthday: October 31st 1989
Home: Leverkusen / Northrhine-Westphalia / Germany
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: heffer
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: B30D8F7C
IRC: heffer on Freenode in
#fedora-de #fedora-education #fedora-ambassadors
Badges (

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Felix Kaechele


  • German
  • Half Canadian
  • I like going Skiing
  • I like to travel to foreign places
  • I'm better at soft-skills than engineering

Education and Job

Activities within the Fedora Project


I'm a Fedora Ambassador sponsored by Jörg Simon

Package Maintainer

I'm a Package Maintainer sponsored by Ville Skyttä
I usually package software I find interesting and actually use. That's why the list of packages maintained by me is pretty diverse.

Games SIG

I enjoy playing games. Therefor I joined the Games SIG. As of now I only maintain openttd. But I hope to add some more fine games if time allows.