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Haikel Guemar

Self Intro

  • Name: Haïkel Guémar
  • Location: Lyon, France
  • IRC nick: Karl_Le_Rouge
  • I work as indie developer
  • I use RH/Fedora as my main OS for about 5 years
  • I hold a MSc in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science



  • application programming: C (Posix, Gtk+), C++ (Boost, Qt4, Gtkmm), Python (SciPy, Twisted), Objective-C.
  • web programming: python (turbogears), php
  • basic administration skills on servers: web, scm (svn, git, hg) and workstations.
  • package monkey ^^

Participation in the Fedora Project

  • Fedora Collection as packager.
  • Fedora Usability as hacker (python, pygtk).
  • Welcoming new users (assistance through irc, forums, writing some documentation)
  • Fedora Ambassador (Lyon, France). Important.png
  • Participate to Fedora Lyon Monthly meetings (informal Local Fedora User Group).
  • Writer/Reviewer for Fedora-FR documentation project.
  • I wrote few articles about Fedora for local magazines.
  • Organization of a FedoraProject presence in JDLL (October) along with ambassadors BenoîtMarcellin, MaximeCarron and some fellow guys. JDLL (Journées Du Logiciel Libre| Free Software Days) hosts meetings between Free Software related actors (companies, associations, projects etc.) and public, many conferences.


  • plotmm (a scientific plot widget for GTKmm)
  • libsexymm (C++ bindings to libsexy)
  • python-sexy (python bindings to libsexy)
  • listen (a music player for GNOME based on Quod Libet)
  • gtkmozembedmm (C++ bindings to gtkEmbedMoz)