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hiwkby's page

I joined Fedora in 2018-03-24.

Self Introduction


My name is Hirotaka Wakabayashi. I would like to contribute to the Fedora
Project. My goal in the Fedora Project is to learn the Fedora package review
process and the QA process and to enlarge the community in Japan if I could.

I am a software engineer in Tokyo. In this 10 years, I have been a backend
developer in Yahoo Japan Corporation. I have been using FreeBSD, RHEL, CentOS
and Ubuntu. I mostly use C++ to gain speed and performance and also develop
libraries implemented by many other languages for frontend developers.

GPG Key UID is "Hirotaka Wakabayashi <>" and
GPG fingerprint is "3F54 9D91 A73A 1F31 8CA8  8A9F 050F 5312 F0D7 DBCD".

Thanks you very much,
Hirotaka Wakabayashi

My lifework in Fedora

My ideas

  • A tool to detect dead hyper links when saving wiki pages to keep baseline minimum requirements for quality.
  • A tool to edit a spec file on demand to keep baseline minimum requirements for quality.