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Hernan Pachas

Email: [[MailTo(hpachas AT fedoraproject DOT org)]


My name is Hernán Pachas, I am of Lima - Peru.

My approach with Linux and the Open Source is from year 2002, when I saw a Linux writing-desk for the first time.

From that moment I fascinate everything what could obtain and specially everything what could learn.

On Peru it founds a community in the University at the moment where it studies and I toil like Project manager Open Source Software. This community is called USMP-LUG.

Also, I spread and I collaborate with all the people and communities look for to learn about the potentialities of Linux and the Open Source Software. Particularly I would like to support and to direct the activities of Fedora in Peru, so that the people learn all the potentialities of this distribution of Linux.

Story with the collaboration of other people who are not only in the capital (files - where at the moment I also reside) but with other friends of the rear area.

I am Ambassador of Fedora for PERU, Red Hat Certified Technician and Director of Operations of LPI Inc.

Recursos Fedora PERU

  • Name : Hernán Pachas Magallanes
  • Email :
  • IRC #fedora-es at [1]

Fedora Projects Involved