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Hi, I am Hrebicek or Endre (Ondraš, or even Андрей).

I am in *nix business for 25+ years.

The very beginning of my professional carreer started on an R33 (a soviet IBM System 360 clone), 512KB RAM, a single ~300kHz s360 CPU with 2-3 4.7 MB disk drives. Now on my deskside an x86_64 box is sitting (Dual Core @ 2.13GHz, 3GB RAM, 1TB+ disks). A remarkable difference. Now on the top shelf of our wardrobe an RPi (256MB RAM, 700 kHz armv6 cpu, 4GB SD card) is serving my family, which is beating the old R33 in all aspects except the 2 line printers, but the noise level is none in exchange.

My motivation to participate in the Fedora project is two sided: One side is that I am using some variant of Linux since 1993 for my personal use, since yesterday my family is also Linux user thanks to RPi, so there is the time to give something in return to the community. The other side is my Hat, a Red one which I got in München last year.

In "work" time I am hunting kernel bugs, from the remaining time I'll chop off a piece for fine-tuning THE family server. ATM it runs exim4, hybrid ircd, dovecot imapd and chrony. My first project is to build a bind9 with --enable-filter-aaaa and --disable-ipv6. (My WiFi AP does not supports ipv6, so I can not make any use of AAAA DNS records.) I guess I am not alone in this situation.

Pity or shame, - as you like - the RPi runs raspbian. (I am not questioning the decision of ignoring the armv6 platform in fedora, but raspbian seems more appropriate for us.) It is unclear, how will get any benefit the Fedora community from my efforts, but I hope it will in the future somehow.

See you on #raspbian at FreeNet.