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All hail the wiki czar!

I'm Ian Weller. I'm a full-time high school student, participating in Debate and Scholars' Bowl. I found Fedora early in 2007 and have stuck with it since, even after trying other distributions and being a Mac user for about ten years.

I decided to become a contributor just because I wanted to see flam3 available for yum. It seems that I've helped more than I thought I really ever was capable of doing.


  • Email:
  • IRC: ianweller on OFTC and freenode
  • GPG key: 00A44BC8
  • Fedora Account: ianweller

Activities within Fedora


  • I'm a package maintainer. I mainly decided to become one because there are a few pieces of open source software out there that I think all of Fedora should be able to install easily.
  • If you find some program that you'd like to see packaged for Fedora shoot me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.

List of packages maintained by ianweller

Docs Project / Wiki

I worked with Mike McGrath on an initial conversion script from MoinMoin to MediaWiki that allowed for most of the content to be transferred over properly, and made many advances on solving other immediate wiki conversion problems.

Currently, I work with the DocsProject on wiki gardening and reorganization so that the most infamous bug gets fixed: search is borked.

Oh, and I'm also the wiki czar.


I'm considered a Fedora Ambassador, and I've started a project with Clint Savage that will create a browser home page for Fedora computers at events where Fedora is present that will display to a user what Fedora is, quick links to join Fedora, and a snapshot of the community.