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Nothing here is permanent
If you want to help out with mw, you basically get to help decide what happens. Tell me — or just edit stuff — if you think you can help.

Local junk

  • mw init API_URL_OR_ALIAS
  • mw login
  • mw logout
  • mw local-reset — when you've somehow fucked up your local repository; should let you keep what you have downloaded, but reverts them to the most recent version, and also clears out the metadir as much as possible


  • mw fetch [ --rv=DATESPEC ] PAGE_NAME
  • mw fetch-category [ --rv=DATESPEC ] CATEGORY_NAME
  • mw fetch-all [ --rv=DATESPEC ]
  • mw update [ FILE ... ]

Page functions

  • mw add FILE ...
  • mw delete FILE ...
  • mw move OLD_FILE NEW_FILE
  • mw protect FILE ...
  • mw watch FILE ...
  • mw unwatch FILE ...

History and repo status

log and blame are considered most important by Ian

  • mw status [ FILE ... ]
  • mw diff [ --rv=REV_ID ] [ FILE ... ]
  • mw log FILE
  • mw blame FILE

Committing / editing

  • mw commit [ FILE ]
  • mw undo REV_ID
  • mw revert REV_ID

Media files

Media files have a text description as well as the actual file. Therefore we need separate download/upload commands for media files.

Repository directory layout

    <folders with symlinks to pages in category>
    <where stuff from the Media/File/Image namespaces go>
  <all pages -- subpages have slashes converted to exclamation points>

Things that would be rockin' but totally not needed

  • Preview (if local, requires MediaWiki and deps to be installed, I guess -- and also doesn't handle extensions or templates on the wiki you're saving to)
    • Or what about saving in your user space on a wiki, like User:Username/mw_test_XXXXXX (XXXXXX is a temporary ID), and providing a link to that? Or even opening your browser? Configurable?
  • Can we somehow have tagging/branching support? Does that even make sense for a MediaWiki?
  • Syncing per-wiki settings across instances by saving to User:Username/mw_settings? (branches and tags could be defined here too)