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Greetings! =)

Hello everyone. Welcome to my humble presentation page. Here are some facts about me:

- Born in San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 4th, 1988. - Raised by two Computer Science, developed interest in computers since an early age. First OS used was DOS back on 1991/1992/1993. Mainly using basic commands and playing video games under my dad's supervision. - Studied English between years 1996 - 2005 and attended FCE Examination. I feel my foreign language knowledge is a bit rusty sometimes, though. - Self-taught GNU/Linux enthusiast at first, reading forums and . I finally took a leap of faith and started taking courses. I actually study to become an IT technician with knowledges - My long forgotten blog is - My first distro was Ubuntu 09.04 back on April / May 2009. I came into this wondeful world thanks to a friend, who lent me a CD of that OS's Version. - I love Fedora, along with it's spins, and/or remixes. I currently have it installed on all the boxes I usually use: Fedora LXDE on my netbook, pidora on my RaspberryPi, Fedora Jam on my main Desktop. I also have a headless notebook, but I don't remember what it has installed and I currently do not use it (I may in a distant future for synchronised automatic backups over LAN, but I will probably install inside it FreeNAS or a similar distro). Maybe some day I'll try Security and Electronic Lab Spins. - As of 2014.08.15 I'm currently unemployed, but I'm planning to get a job soon and I like to constantly search new challenges / opportunities.

How to contact me: - My IRC nickname is ivotkl, which is also used in some forums. - My Skype username is but I'm not usually in it. - I have a linphone account. - My Twitter account is @igeek_88. - My facebook is Iván Ariel Wishmaster. - I have not used ICQ since its initial boom.

My non-IT hobbies: - Swimming. - Rollerblading. - Going to the cinema. - Writing poetry / short social-related essays. - Reading in general. - Playing the piano. - Singing. - Attending metal and classical concerts. - Teaching.