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Ignasius Denok

Hi, my name is Denok or my friend usually called me Nok. I'm 24 years old, and I'm from Indonesia.
I use Linux just recently with Fedora 12. Before Fedora 12, I already used (tried) Fedora Core 4 about 2-3 weeks, then I used Ubuntu 6.10 about 2-3 months and then I used Debian 4.0 about 6-7 months. Now I use Fedora 12, because now I can concentrate using Linux aside from Windows for my daily homework and school project.
Why I choose Fedora ? It's simple, because I like my desktop system is up to date or maybe have cutting edge technology inside it, and Fedora give me that. And not only that, Fedora have nice and organized community. So, what are you waiting for ?! Join Open Source Community especially Fedora :D !!!


  • Email: igndenok AT fastmail DOT fm
  • IRC: igndenok - freenode (#fedora, #fedora-social)
  • GPG Key: A51FE6F9
  • FAS: igndenok