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(FUDCon Toronto)
(FUDCon Toronto)
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* FreeMedia contributor
* FreeMedia contributor
== FUDCon Toronto ==
== FUDCon Tempe ==
* Lead a hackfest session on the Campus Ambassador program to integrate ideas from students and faculty about how to be an effective campus advocate as well as to develop a plan to involve the marketing team in the development of supporting materials. Goal to really launch the program with a clear vision at the beginning of 2010.
* Participate in other hackfests related to initiatives in education.
* Meet with other FAmNA members to reflect a bit on what has been accomplished over the past year and consider new initiatives to avoid complacency (I sense we are falling into a comfortable place of doing the things we are doing now, but want to see us continue to evolve and grow into new areas of work.)
* Fedora governance agitation in the nicest possible way.
* Deliver a personal thank you to as many contributors as I can.
If there are funds available to cover my room share with maxamillion that would be very helpful. I'm planning to fly in on Friday and out on Tuesday.
[[Category:Ambassadors from the USA]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from the USA]]

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John Rose


Activities within Fedora

  • Advocacy, marketing, distribution
  • Central US Regional Ambassador for North America
  • FreeMedia contributor

FUDCon Tempe

  • TBA