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Nickname : jcda
Real Name : Jean Christophe Diomard Arrazau
Email :
IRC Nickname : jcda on Freenode, channel #fedora

Region : NSW, Sydney NorthShore

=== My plans: ===

Promote and Federate.

My objective is to promote Fedora by participating to meetings and presentations, work jointly with the other Ambassadors in the APAC area, The idea is to provide a clear communication where everyone help each other and share ideas.


Born in 1974 in the south of France, I live now in Sydney, Australia, where I provide to my clients trainings solutions based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Linux. Since 1995, I have paid a particular interest in Linux distributions, and for some reasons Red Hat filled my needs.
My experience includes networking, HPC, Clustering, high level support, Technical Account Management, Consulting for private companies and governmental organisations.

RHCE number : 805008695430645
I passed my first RHCE in feb 2001