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Juan Carlos Watts (jcsniper)

Panamenian Fedora Ambassador



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      • jcsniper
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      • F2CB 9260 3469 88F1 E8C7 82F8 973F B27B BBEB 6F61

So I've 24 years and about 3 years with Fedora and i like a lot Fedora, right now i'm using FC10 going up to FC11, i'm programmer in Perl, python, LAMP, unix shell scripts(little),Zend Framework(little), java (little) but i can make some programs in unix,zend and java if is needed, ruby on rails,Mysql DBA, i use GIMP too. My expectations to form part of the big Fedora family.
I have servers with FC9 and my experience with this server is cool. I Live in Panamá and here the free software is growing faster i explain to the people the advantages of fedora and i am a member of
Fedora is freedom, features, friends,first.


Proyecto Fedora