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John H. Dulaney


Contact Information


  • Proventester
  • Working on a couple of AutoQA tests in C and Python
  • Testing Fedora 15 and updates

Nightly Builds in case I lose the link again

My desktop with Fluxbox: Media:Screenyjdulaney.png

Non-Fedora Computer Related

I enjoy assembly language programming, as well as designing and building computers using outdated technology. So far I've designed and built a computer that uses relays for digital logic and an electronic analog computer that computes ranges and suchlike. My current project is a mechanical analog monstrosity.


I am a volunteer and docent at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC. There I build and restore boats and models. I am also a sailor and amateur blacksmith. I model the original Norfolk Southern Railroad in N (1:160) scale.

I like cheese.



Other Work