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Jesse Keating

Who am I

Hi, I'm Jesse. I work for Red Hat as the Release Engineer for Fedora Core.

How do I contribute

How to reach me

If you need to reach me you can find me on freenode IRC with the nick f13, ender, or jkeating If you want to email me, email jkeating at redhat dot com or my personal address jkeating at j2solutions dot net

My Blog

Single point of Failure

Wish List

These are the things I wish I had time for, or somebody would do.

  • Get emails on git/hg/svn commits for various hosted repos
  • Figure out a good way to replace icons in Trac
  • Script up and/or webify a way to launch new Fedora Hosted projects
  • Write a tool to examine a compose tree and check that each package in the tree is signed with a given key.
  • Create 10 more work hours in the day