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Jonathan Archer
Jonathan Archer
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Home: Rossendale, Lancashire, UK
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FAS-Name: jfarcher
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Jonathan Archer

Hi All,

A little about me, well I've been using Linux since around 1996, first started on a Red Hat 4 (I originally thought it was 5, but recently found the disk) cover disk I picked up off a magazine. Fast forward over 15 years later and I'm still hooked, followed RedHat (free version) until Fedora came along then have installed and used every version of Fedora and RHEL both in personal and professional life.

I try and help out in the forums where possible, especially trying to help the newcomers to Fedora and Linux.

My current playthings are GlusterFS and libvirt/kvm, ovirt and Openstack.

I have been running a local Linux user group for a few years now which is still going from strength to strength.

My latest undertaking is becoming a STEM ambassador (Educational program to improve Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through this I will be using a multitude of opensource software and hardware in teaching programmes and sessions.

If you want to get in touch you can find me on both Twitter @jf_archer and Google Plus.