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There are many incredible Fedora contributors who help add their own unique spin to the work that happens in the Fedora community every day. IRC, mailing lists, and other mediums are common utilities of discussion in the Project. Sometimes it's easy for people to say something profound or meaningful, but have it be lost in the scrollback history or buried in a mailing list discussion. This page serves to highlight some of my favorite quotes made by others in the Fedora community or sometimes from the greater Linux community. I have roughly attempted to organize them by type of quote, then organized alphabetically by the contributor's FAS username or other identifying information.

Contributing to open source

  • "I am never upset about someone learning to do things ^_^" - jy2wong, #archlinux-women, 2016-07-15, 17:39:00 UTC
  • "Nah, don't judge yourself on [comparing yourself to others]. I had this discussion with someone else recently: we are all comparing ourselves to people who have been in this job longer. We all have our parts where we're an expert." - puiterwijk, #fedora-hubs, 2016-10-05, 20:00:41 UTC


  • "Diversity is not about being a respected female in a male environment, it is about putting your differences aside and working for a common goal without being -disgusting- in the process and actually trying to learn something from the insane diversity that surrounds the group." - tatica, #fedora-commops, 2016-01-21, 14:03:57 UTC

Flock to Fedora

  • "He/She is wonderful." - jflory7, parking lot in Kraków, Poland, on being asked to describe Amita Sharma or any other Fedora contributor, 2016-08-02, 12:01 UTC
  • "We'll figure it out 😝" - bee2502, Telegram, 2016-08-12, 22:01 UTC
  • "Yeah, makes sense..." - jflory7, Telegram, 2016-08-12, 22:01 UTC


[12:34:53] <jwb> MUST HAVE ALL THE PROCESS
[12:35:29] <sgallagh> jwb: That is made more amusing by my decision to treat all-caps as being read
                      in robot voice instead of yelling.
[12:35:58] <jwb> ooh, i like that
[12:36:52] <sgallagh> Yeah, it's amazing how much less stressful IRC becomes

- sgallagh, #fedora-council, 2016-08-26

  • "help someone has taken <person who joined, asked for help, and immediately left> hostage and is demanding that they write spec files? :P" - webpigeon, 2016-10-03, 22:32:03 UTC
  • "You there ? Kinda urgent" - bee2502, many times ;-)

Important Moments

[20:51:41] <decause> jflory7: you around?
[20:52:40] <decause> we're about to have the fedora magazine editorial meeting in a couple of minutes
[20:52:52] <decause> 7ish minutes to be exact
[20:53:04] <decause> we're going to be in #fedora-meeting
[21:53:35] <jflory7> decause: Whoops, just saw this message. I joined as soon as I got out of class,
                     realized I hadn't thrown my bouncer in there already!
[21:55:16] <decause> jflory7: you made it regardless of my ping, so super kudos to you sir!
[21:56:27] <jflory7> Hahah, mission accomplished :)

- decause, #rit-foss, 2015-09-24

[14:24:43] <decause> welp commops
[14:24:49] <decause> <3

- decause, #fedora-commops, 2016-06-23


  • "I think linus torvalds volunteered to chair today's meeting" - bowlofeggs, #fedora-cloud, 2016-08-21, 16:47:23 UTC
[16:27:27] <skamath> jflory7, meeting in 5 I guess?
[16:30:00] <Rhea> Do we hijack it?

- skamath and Rhea, #fedora-meeting (CommOps meeting), 2016-10-25


  • "This is a perfect example of why timezones are such a problem. Musing on metaphysics is ok in the afternoon, starting your morning by questioning the fundamental nature of reality is disturbing." - randomuser, #fedora-join, 2016-02-15, 13:34:41 UTC