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Jan Hutař

Red Hat Czech - QA engineer

Inasnum - Fedora package sanity checker



rpmfluff is a lightweight way of building RPMs, and sabotaging them so they are broken in controlled ways.

It is intended for use when testing RPM-testers e.g. rpmlint and writing test cases for RPM tools e.g. yum


BC thesis: Measure power consumption on a different Linux versions

Ideas for additional tasks:

  • measure BLTK run on older Fedoras (say, F9 - F12)
  • measure BLTK run on some different distros (Debian)
  • measure BLTK run with tuned enabled
    • are there tuned profiles already implemented?
  • measure BLTK run under plain X server without window manager, tons of tray icons and so on
  • prepare patches to tuned
    • is there any TODO document?
  • prepare patches for BLTK
    • e.g. to get it working on a older Fedora or different distro
    • is there any TODO document?
  • create set of C source files demonstrating GCC improvements over time
  • publish something on or
    • ideas?
  • Red Hat internal small presentation about the work progress/goals/results
  • add some ethernet or wifi intensive test to the BLTK (or create a standalone script)
    • to simulate downloading big amounts of data
    • combined with chatting on IRC (low network usage)
  • find out how to lower wattmeter deviation
  • measure on a different HW

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