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Jan Hutař

Red Hat Czech - QA engineer

Inasnum - Fedora package sanity checker



rpmfluff is a lightweight way of building RPMs, and sabotaging them so they are broken in controlled ways.

It is intended for use when testing RPM-testers e.g. rpmlint and writing test cases for RPM tools e.g. yum


BC thesis: Measure power consumption on a different Linux versions

CZ: Měření spotřeby energie na různých verzích Linuxu

Na různých verzích Linuxu (konkrétně distribuce Fedora) nainstalujte program (BLTK) simulující reálnou zátěž systému a pomocí watmetru opakovaně změřte spotřebu elektrické energie při jeho běhu. Měření opakujte na rozdílných strojích s rozdílnou HW konfigurací.

BLTK funguje pouze na Fedoře 11, proto budou potřeba opravy, které jej umožní spustit i na dalších měřených verzích této distribuce OS Linux.

EN: Measure power consumption on a different Linux versions

On various versions of Linux operation systems, known as Linux distributions, and considering Fedora Linux in particular, install package which simulates the real system stress (BLTK). Using the wattmeter measure the power consumption of the computer. Repeat the measure on computers with different hardware configurations.

BLTK is for now usable only for Fedora 11, so the part of this work is to adapt it for another versions of operating systems.

Ideas for additional tasks

  • measure BLTK run on older Fedoras (say, F9 - F12)
  • measure BLTK run on some different distros (Debian)
  • measure BLTK run with tuned enabled
    • are there tuned profiles already implemented?
  • measure BLTK run under plain X server without window manager, tons of tray icons and so on
  • prepare patches to tuned
    • is there any TODO document?
  • prepare patches for BLTK
    • e.g. to get it working on a older Fedora or different distro
    • is there any TODO document?
  • create set of C source files demonstrating GCC improvements over time
  • publish something on or
    • ideas?
  • Red Hat internal small presentation about the work progress/goals/results
  • add some ethernet or wifi intensive test to the BLTK (or create a standalone script)
    • to simulate downloading big amounts of data
    • combined with chatting on IRC (low network usage)
  • find out how to lower wattmeter deviation
  • measure on a different HW

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