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* '''Fedora Account''': jjmartinez
* '''Fedora Account''': jjmartinez
* '''XMPP''': jjm at jabberes dot org
* '''XMPP''': jjm at jabberes dot org
* '''Languages''': Spanish, English
== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==

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Juan J. Martínez

  • My name is Juanjo Martínez (aka jjm, jjmartinez, reidrac), and currently I live in Valencia, Spain.
  • I work as Open Source consultant in Valencia, mainly as CentOS/RHEL system/Xen administrator.
  • I've been Linux and Free Software advocate and supporter since 2001. I was member of Kleenux [1] for many years, helping to spread Free Software locally with many talks and an annual congress [2].
  • Currently my principal advocacy activity is teaching a 30 hours course about Open Source technologies in the ETSE, at the University of Valencia (Spain).


  • Email: jjm at usebox dot net
  • IRC: reidrac, but I don't use IRC
  • GPG key: 0xEA112704 (fingerprint: F014 056F 18EB 14C1 7293 A337 ED2C 8FDF EA11 2704)
  • Fedora Account: jjmartinez
  • XMPP: jjm at jabberes dot org
  • Languages: Spanish, English

Activities within Fedora

  • I'm willing to join the ambassador project, because I have experience giving talks and supporting Free Software.
  • Perhaps I'd like to contribute the project some sysadm, packaging, or LAMP experience.