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* '''Email''':
* '''Email''':
* '''IRC''': nick: strace, Channels #rhel and #openshift
* '''IRC''': nick: JKnife/strace, Channels #rhel and #openshift
* '''GPG key''': 4096R/5EE1613E
* '''GPG key''': 4096R/01578C79
* '''Fedora Account''': jknife
* '''Fedora Account''': jknife

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Your Name and Surname

Wesley Hearn


  • Email:
  • IRC: nick: JKnife/strace, Channels #rhel and #openshift
  • GPG key: 4096R/01578C79
  • Fedora Account: jknife

Activities within Fedora

  • I am a user/tester.
  • I am currently work for Red Hat on Openshift and I am helping to get it in Fedora.

About me

  • I have been using GNU/Linux since about 2001


  • Strong C/C++/C# knowledge, I know some bash scritpting, enough to form a simple one liner for stuff I am to lazy todo.