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This page lists global-level goals for the QA project. It was created as an adjunct to a fedora-test-list discussion on the subject in February, 2009.

Fedora 12 Goals

Test Days Revisited

Fedora 11 test days were a success. The plan for Fedora 12 will be to build on the success and improve on any identified pain points.

  1. Solicit feedback from test day participants - Fedora_11_Test_Day_Survey

Process Definition

This goal is intended to demystify the processes and procedures members of the QA team follow on a regular basis. The idea is that by documenting a process, you increase transparency, invite contributor participation and outline areas for future improvement.

  1. Create a Fedora Test Day SOP describing how to host a test day - see User:Adamwill/Draft_test_day_SOP
  2. Create a Fedora Installation Test SOP - describe the process for hosting a collaborative test run during Fedora 12 milestones - see User:Liam/Draft_Install_Test_SOP