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Jerônimo Medina Madruga
Jerônimo Medina Madruga
Jerônimo Medina Madruga
Fedora Information
FAS name: jmmadruga
Fedora email:
IRC nick: jmmadruga
IRC channels: #fedora-ambassadors (and others)
Fedorapeople page:
Badges (10)
Junior Editor Involvement Keepin Fedora Beautiful (F20) Origin Tadpole Tadpole with Legs Froglet Egg Embryo Junior Badger (Badger I)

Who is Jerônimo?

Born in 1986, Jerônimo Medina Madruga is a proud Brazillian and a shy nerd, who fell in love with computers in a time where windows 3.11, floppy disks and creative labs multimedia kit were still "groovy". As the time passes by, he started to get more and more interested in some emerging topics, like "Open Source", "Free Software" and "GNU/Linux". As he read more about this, he saw that those guys who adore the Tux were actually quite cool guys to hangout with.

After learning some tricks in the command line and getting some experience from distrohopping quite often, he began preaching about the advantages of openning your code and the nirvana provided by the WTFPL. Although being a zealot of the "Stallman way of programming", he doesn't hold a grudge against Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, seing both of then as smart guys on their respective fields. Jerônimo also flirted sometime with the *BSD side of the force, but always feel that there is something missing on the desktop front, as much as he loves the port system, secure standards and a pretty decent documentation.

What are you doing nowadays?

Most of my work during the day is related to the technical support of moodle installations of UFPel. At my spare time, I spent most of my productive time learning about Python, HTML 5 and Moodle, lecturing in events like HackThursday or participating in FLOSS discussions at TcheLinux.

Where can I find some of your lectures?

It's somewhat scattered around the web, like:

Why did you choose Fedora?

After "distrohopping" for quite some time, I decided to search for a project to make a contribution that was deeper than 1 hour lectures about some tools or free software philosophy. Althought I have been a Debian (or Debian derivated distro) user most of my open source life, I was quite amazed when I learned the philosophy behind Fedora, the amazing 4 F's. As I searched more material and learned more about the distribution, I saw it fitted my needs of being cutting edge and open source at the same time, so now it's time to sit down and contribute.

What are your goals within the project?

  • Show beginners that Fedora isn't any seven headed monster.
  • Code more often to help more people.
  • Show how the 4 F's can make all the difference.
  • Get aquainted to the workflow of contributing to a large group.
  • Just show that OSS projects can be fun and productive :)

My Fedora Badges

Junior Editor Involvement Keepin Fedora Beautiful (F20) Origin Tadpole with Legs Egg Embryo Tadpole Junior Badger (Badger I) Froglet