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   Antonio Rivera

Report Protect Fedora

   Testing or Bug Report


   Fedora User Account: joarivera



BBS Bulletining Board



   Not modem using only Telenet or SSH
   BBS Dial UP: 56k V.90 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx Telnet

Irc freenode

   Nick: Vshadow

Mini Biographic

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Major in Computerized Information Systems. For SYSTEM UNIVERSITY ANA G. MENDEZ UNIVERSITY OF TURABO Puerto Rico, Linux since July 1993 and Free Software activist from the same year. School period 1994 - 1996 Promoter and organizer of student events.


   Residencia: San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. latitude and longitude is 18° 15' N and 66° 30' W 
   Zona horaria: GMT -04:00
   Idiomas: Español (native), Ingles (Basic).
   Nacionalidad: American
   Higer Education: Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Major in Computerized Information Systems.

Distro Old Use

  My preference is Fedora or RedHat :)

Use Fedora

Opinion for Fedora 33 WS

Last version of Fedora 33 I like it since the Beta I find that it has given me fewer errors since the installation. I find it very stable. I only had to report 4 problems that were generated as the applications were updated.

The Fedora Project and Red Hat merged on September 22, 2003 (the dates have come from History of Linux at Red Hat). Version to the latest version of Fedora 19 and ** Fedora

Use Fedora, continue write my blog Blog:

Fedora 36 Excellent work: The distro loads fast, I'm not complaining, it hasn't given me any problems when installing and using it as in other versions. Unfortunately waylan still needs more compatibility with nvidia but I understand that the problem is NVIDIA drivers at the moment so to continue in x11

'How Linux changed my life' The continuous change in Linux improves my life and keeps me trying and learning new applications all the time. It fascinates me to see how the system has matured in this time and I think that we had to be almost engineers at the beginning to make my PC run to its current simple it is missing but we are on the right track.

--Joarivera (talk) 9:12, 1 Jun 2022 (UTC) José Antonio 02:17, 2 June 2022 (UTC)