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|REAL-NAME= Joerg He. Stephan
|REAL-NAME= Joerg Stephan
|birthday= August 22th 1979
|location= Saarbrücken Saar, Germany
|birthday= 22. August 1979
|fas-name= johe
|birthplace= Quierschied/Saar Germany
|email= johe.stephan AT ymail DOT com
|HOME= Saarbrücken Germany
|FAS-NAME= johe
|pmail= johe DOT stephan AT
|jabber= johe.stephan AT googlemail DOT com
|irc= johe

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About Me

My name is Joerg Stephan born in South-West Germany i started my "Computer Life" with an C-64 I got from cousin at the age of nine. Afterwards i used a lot of different architectures an operating systems. I mostly liked SUN sparc architecture and build somekind of an little museum with some SUN Ultra 10 to 80 systems.

I also switched between a lot of different os but I am using RedHat since an 5.1 Version I bought several years ago.

Currently I'am working as an systemadministrator at one of the top 10 domain registrars. Providing webservices like Webspace, emailservice, vservers, Nameservers and a lot more. Everything based on Linux Servers.


  • Mostly Linux/Unix Operatingsystems
  • Fedora/RedHat/Centos (since RedHat 5.1)
  • OpenSuse (since SUSE 6.0)
  • Debian/Ubuntu every day business
  * Postfix
  * Xen
  * PowerDNS
  * Nagios
  • Virtualization
  • Sport, MartialArts
  • Whisky and Cigars :-)

Projects I'am working on

  • NagiosCenter [1]



So I'am currently writing a script to create the Server Overview page this one an the subpages included

[johe@giant src]$ date ; ./ ; date
Mon Feb  1 22:59:12 CET 2010
Mon Feb  1 23:00:17 CET 2010