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John M. Harris, Jr.
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FAS name johnmh
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Private email johnmh [at] splentity [dot] com
GPG key EE7857712CF98C48 JohnMH
GitHub JohnMH
IRC JohnMH on Freenode in
#fedora-commops, #fedora-3dprinting, #openblox, #splentity
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About Me

I grew up on Windows systems, and switched to Debian GNU/Linux sometime in 2011. I spent a few years choosing a distro, during which I had some experience with Arch, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Mint (though not by choice, you may thank my school of the time for those two) and Slackware.

Activities Outside Fedora

I am the founder and current project lead of the OpenBlox Project, a free and open source game engine. Additionally, I am the founder and CTO of Splentity Software, a company focused on the creation and support of open source software.

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