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Guiovany Ruiz

Hi im, Guiovany ruiz a new member of fedora project, i dont know that much about Linux, but every day im always learning something new, before i joined to this community, i used to promote Linux, because i feel connected to it in the same way of thinking, sharing, freedom, and improvement, i dont know bout programming, but im easy going with people, and i like to help people, one of my ways to do so its repairing computer or recycling them and install puppy Linux and give it to the kids that may need them, and know that i knew about this place, i feel good about spreading the cds or dvds


Instant Messaging

User Name Jovas

MY Location El Monte, Los Angeles, CA. 91732

Me And Fedora

right now im applying as freemedia, but i wiuld liek to do some more, also i can count myself as transaltor for the people arround me, and teaching what i know aobut fedora