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Apache Flume package status

Package status

The package builds with this assumptions (we are working on this issues)

  • The code is not ready for Thrift v0.9.1 available in Fedora 21, however Flume code can builds using legacy Thrift built-in code available in the upstream Flume TGZ.
  • Disable ElasticSearch Sink
  • Disable Morphline Solr Sink
  • Disable Twitter Source
  • Disable Kite Dataset Sink

Testing the package

git clone
cd flume-rpm
spectool -g flume.spec
rpmbuild -bs --nodeps --define "_sourcedir ." --define "_srcrpmdir ." flume.spec
sudo mock flume-1.5.2-1.fc21.src.rpm

Dependency packages

  • In order to build Flume with full features those are the dependency packages and their status:
Package Bugzilla Status
irclib [BZ#976049 Pushed to the Fedora 21 testing repository
Butter Ice cream Hola

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