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J. Randall Owens

I've been using Linux since about 1992 or 1993 (although back then, I didn't even know it wasn't the default PC OS), administrating Red Hat since about RH5 or RH6 in 1996. I've also coded perl since 2000, been on IPv6 since about the same time, and dabbled in a little FreeBSD server for a couple of years. I'm now trying to gradually work a little C programming into my diet, as well. I'm currently using F13 on a "server" (sort of), a desktop, and a laptop, and setting up rawhide on an extra drive for the laptop for testing.

My main claim to Fedora-related fame so far is a little snippet of code in rpm-build, so there's a little bit of me in all Fedora packages since F8. I even just finally found my name in the changelog!

I know perl rather well, and networking. I build a few packages here and there. I'm quite the proofreader by nature, too, which often comes in handy in these wikis.

I'm starting to think that I might have found my calling here. I'm beginning to realize how IPv6-ready Fedora isn't, in some ways. Might be time to bust out the evangelism.

Also see my Wikipedia page, or my own website. On, I am was <bugzilla.redhat AT>; now I use the same email address there as here, of course.