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TestdayApp Metadata

Alternative reporting through the web application
If you are not familiar with the Wiki editing or you come here in prime time and there are a lot of conflicting edits in the Wiki, you can try to report your results via our [web application]. Results from this [web application] will be automatically transferred to the Wiki on YYYY-MM-DD and the alternative reporting system will be shut down to this date. Feel free to continue testing and filling the wiki even after this date. Please note the number of reports currently visible in the wiki doesn't correspond to the number of reports sent so far (i.e. reports sent through the [web application]).

Only section names (lines starting with '=' character) and lines starting with '*' character are considered data.

The 'TestdayApp Metadata' section should contain a line defining testday name and url at the beginning

  1. name must be at least 5 characters long
  2. url must start with 'http'


Each sub-section defines a testcase group.

  1. at least one sub-section must be provided
  2. nesting is ignored (flattened) as if there was none
  3. sub-section name is taken as the group name

Testcases are listed in format "* testcase name; testcase url[; txt]"

  1. by default, the testcase is considered to have result from passed/failed/info set, if you want free-form results (e.g. power consumption in W), include the 'txt' parameter after the testcase url

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