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Jared Smith
Jared Smith
Fedora Information
FAS name: jsmith
Fedora email:
IRC nick: jsmith
IRC channels: #fedora-docs, #asterisk-doc, #asterisk-dev, #asterisk-bugs (and others)
Fedorapeople page:
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My name is Jared Smith. I'm a big Linux geek. I enjoy systems administration, relational databases, web programming, and VoIP. I eat too many donuts, and don't blog as regularly as I should. I've managed small systems and large-scale networks (over 6500 servers and 800 network devices). As a college freshman, I once stuffed 26 jumbo marshmallows in my mouth to win a contest. Oh, and I wrote a book for O'Reilly on Asterisk and the future of telephony. For all the nitty gritty details, see


Activities within Fedora

  • I work for Red Hat as the Fedora Project Leader.
  • I help out with the Fedora Docs project, and generally make a nuisance of myself. I have a lot of experiece with DocBook publication toolchains, such as Publican.
  • I've also helped out on the Fedora Infrastructure team, mostly around the Fedora Talk server. (I have *lots and lots* of experience with Asterisk and voice over IP.)
  • I do my best to report bugs when I find them, and work with those responsible to ensure the problems get solved.

Goals as the Fedora Project Leader

  • Oversee the entire Fedora Project -- if it's in Fedora, ultimately I'm accountable for it.
  • Act as a catalyst within the community to improve communications and encourage excellent behavior
  • Work with the Fedora Program Manager John Poelstra, Fedora Engineering Manager Tom "Spot" Callaway, and the Community Architecture team to make sure that Fedora is making constant, substantial progress in its mission to advance free and open source software.
  • Chair the Fedora Project Board, and ensure that the Board is effectively advising and guiding the Fedora Project where needed.
  • Be an effective bridge between the external volunteer contributor base and the contributor community inside Red Hat, such as RHEL engineers.
  • Lower contributor barriers to the absolute minimum, and encourage others to get involved in FOSS through Fedora.

Education Background

Jared graduated in 2001 from Utah State University with a degree in Computer Engineering.

His fondest memory of his USU education involves a course taught by Professor Stephen J. Allan:

"The class was something like "Unix Basics" or something boring like that, but the teacher made the assignments interesting, by forcing you to work with others in the class to solve a problem. A typical assignment might go something like this: 'Joe, you write an awk script to take this file I give you and transform it to look like this -- Susie, you take that, and use grep and sed to do this to it, Jared -- you take that and write a Perl script to do this...' and so on. So not only did we learn the tools, we had to communicate our expectations and assumptions with the other members of our team."